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  • Client Testimonials

    Not only is the hairline gorgeous and undetectable, but it allows me to have my hair any length, and style it any way I choose. I could not do that before switching over to the Farrell California Hair system. I did have to make certain adjustments and get used to how the new hair system works. But every step of the way ... with any problems I had ... any questions I had ... everyone at the CA office was incredibly helpful and supportive. I never felt neglected, brushed off, or like a number.
    - Doug
  • I’m glad I came to the best

    I can’t say enough about the patience and kindness you’ve shown me during this process. It’s really hard to explain how life changing it has been to finally have confidence about my appearance again. Now that I’m finally through having to ‘reintroduce myself’ to my family and close friends, I can’t imagine going back to the way that I used to look. I’ll bet I hear “you look cute” or “you look hot” from my wife at least 2 or 3 times a week these days.
    - Matt
  • With Farrell California I can

    I mean to make good on our bet and spring for lunch at Acapulco because the cornrows are perfect and the length is still long enough to do the braiding. Like you said on Saturday, you are into your hair and you understand how important hair is. As a Black dude and an entertainer on top of it, it is vital that I am able to achieve these looks.
    - Sowande