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Farrell California has helped men, women and children with every type of hair loss from male pattern baldness to alopecia and even hair loss from chemo therapy.

hair loss Hollywood, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

Hair Loss Los AngelesHaving solved the hair loss challenges of so many in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and (of course) Hollywood for over 30 years, it’s safe to say that Farrell California understands hair loss. Our hair loss consultants are experts in finding the perfect hair loss solutions for men, women and children who work under the gazing lenses of many Hollywood cameras; in fact we have been seen on many TV appearances, make-over shows and live cut-ins throughout the years.

Absolute finest hair loss solutions

Farrell California has many hair loss clients in Hollywood who work in the film industry and who’s hair systems are under the constant scrutiny of cameras and stage lights where only the absolute finest hair loss solutions could ever fool even the tightest close-ups.

Male pattern baldness also affects women

Despite everything you might have every heard about male pattern baldness these is no known cure that will give you back 100% of your original head of hair. The only safe and guaranteed method for solving your hair loss with 100% coverage is with Farrell California’s custom hand made hair systems. Made of real human hair Farrell California fits your hair system perfectly to your scalp, so perfectly that even the most scrutinizing Hollywood cameras can’t detect a Farrell California hair system!

If your wearing a hair system then you’ll love our hair loss solutions

Farrell California understands the intricacies involved in fitting you for your hair system, we understand that mens hair loss and women with hair loss require a different approach and that’s why we want to offer you a free consultation. We want you to feel 100% confident that your going to get the finest hair loss solution available and the best customer service and support for as long as your wearing your Farrell California hair system. Call or fill out the online form to schedule your no-cost consultation today.

Hair loss solutions for people who have never worn a hair system

Before you buy a hair system from anyone you should schedule a no cost consultation with a Farrell California hair loss specialist. We’ll give you all of the details you need to make an informed decision and answer all of your questions in a private and confidential environment. At Farrell California we don’t have any sales people, we only have people who understand your need and who are patient, professional and caring enough to listen to all of your concerns about hair loss.

We invite you to come and see for yourself how Farrell California Hair Systems can completely change your life, we have videos, photos and real life testimonials from clients who have made the decision to change their lives with a hand-made custom hair system. Come see the videos and photos of real Farrell California hair system clients and book a no cost consultation in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles today.

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  • Client Testimonials

    Words can not express how thankful I am for what you have done for me, it has completely changed my life and I truly Love it.
    - Marian S.

    Just a few words to tell you that my new systems are fantastic, BRAVO. I'll be glad to get the same quality next time.
    - Jean-Paul, Paris
  • Just back from honeymoon

    I could not possibly thank you enough for getting my hair ready in time for my big day. I don't know what I would have done. On of our trip to Cancun my hair withstood the elements for seven days. You have done so much for me, I feel like the quality of my life has already changed. Please tell me how to send you a gift we brought back from Cancun.
    - Katrina
  • Compassionate & pleasant

    I just wanted you to know that I was very pleased with my hair system. Your staff gave me excellent service during my last salon visit. They were very professional, compassionate, and pleasant. I also was made to feel very welcomed. The salon was very nice and they all made me feel very special, and not just another number.
    - Valerie